Thesis on the road to China

Some B-Boys spend more time in airports and airplanes then in their own house.

After finishing a two months tour of mainly teaching and judging in Hawaii, Poland and Slovakia B-Boy Thesis is back on the road again. This time he is flying to China to compete in a solo B-Boy Battle at Green Panda's first edition of IBE Asia.

What is your next B-Boy related destination?
I am flying to the city of Chongqing in China.

Will it be the first time you visit China?
No it's the second time. My first China experience was interesting to say the least. Two weeks after I visited "Culture Shock" in Taiwan a few years ago I traveled China and went to a small Chinese city close to border with Russia. In a local competition I had to judge 600 B-Boys and B-Girls by myself. After that I went to "Bomb Jam". That was a very nice experience. This time I am traveling to China's Best Dance Crew x IBE Asia an event by Green Panda. I am looking forward to the competition because there is a lot of money to win which I can invest it in my brewing company IPA, Indian Pale Ale.

Who (what) do you leave behind when you go on your next trip?
Kathy my girl and Oso my dog.

Is it easy or hard for them you being away?
It's hard for the both of us. Leaving is always hard the first two days and then it's hard the last two days because I always want to return home.

When you fly do you prefer a Window or aisle seat?
That's a hard one, depends on how sleepy I am. If I want to sleep I take a window seat other then that I prefer aisle. It's easier with getting up and I am too nice to jump over people.

I don't leave the house without...?
I always find myself over packing, taking too much stuff. But always with me on every travel is my lucky belt (dollar store belt). I have won a lot battles with this belt so I take it with me always. Also I don't leave the house without "Mystic Man" beard oil and body wash.

Best (B-Boy) travel companion(s)?
I got to say B-Boy "Pookie" El Nino, my main man Minnesota Joe and my brother Flexum.

Your personal travel advice to other dancers?
Always bring a jacket with inner pocket for your passport. It's important t keep your valuables close. My other advice would be to go see the city, go out.